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The Company

SRM Industries is Located in Northern California and started in the rodent pest industry in 1997. Over ten years of being in the agriculture business, while also growing almonds and grapes we have used and tested many brands of different types of rodent control devices and we have had many problems and failures. This motivated us to design and develop our Rodent Blaster Hot Shot Remote ® system in 2001. Since that time we have sold thousands of the Hot Shot Remote systems. We have developed many improvements over the years to our original Rodent Blaster model.

By making large CNC machining runs, we can offer high quality products at reasonable prices. We test our systems on our own vineyards and fields. We offer full customer support for our products . If getting a high quality product in a timely fashion is important to you, then give us a call, order on our secure online order system or contact one of our dealers.