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Below we have put some frequently asked questions:

The carbon monoxide injection units are expensive ($2500 to $30,000) and slow (15-20 minutes per hole) compared to 10 seconds of gas and 10 cents per hole with our HS-1 system. They also require you to buy their oil that costs $.75 cents per hole. They are mildly effective at killing smaller rodents that aren't too far underground ( you could also just use a hose from your lawn mower ) The biggest problem with them is that they leave the rodents home ( the tunnel ) intact for the next rodent to find and use. When your neighbors don't take care of their problem rodents, they become your problem! Rodents are lazy and they would rather steal a home than build one. You MUST remove the entire tunnel so your neighbors rodents can't just run back into the tunnel. If You Leave The Tunnel You Are Wasteing Your Time! The Rodent Blaster system is also many hundreds of dollars $$$ less expensive! Our commercial HS-1 Remote is an extremely heavy duty system. It is made of all metal ( 304 stainless steel, 6061 aluminum and 1018 high carbon steel ) We don't offer a cheaper home owner unit made of a plastic type material due to the nature of what the Hot Shot does. It needs to be extremely well built and very tough to withstand the years of use. We only offer commercial grade quality products for a fair price.

We get calls all the time asking us if we can repair other brands of propane/ oxygen rodent control devices. Several of these companies are now out of business and their phones are no longer working. Unfortunately we cannot repair others products as parts are not available any more.

No not usually , but we recommend that you keep a safe distance from gas lines, septic tanks and water wells due to the sensitive nature of them. But your normal PVC pipes that are in in your yard are pretty hard to hurt. It is possible , but very unlikely.

You can set up a time with our staff to come by our facility and have a hands on demonstration. You can also come out to the many home-garden and farm shows that we attend throughout the year. We also have a full dealer network that have our Rodent Blaster products on display.You can also see our Media page for many videos on how to use our products. Call us for any details or questions.

The propane tank needed is the same one that you would have on your barbecue. They are usually 5 gallons ( although you can use larger ones) The propane tanks are also available at home supply stores ( Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware) The Oxygen tanks are available locally from welding supply stores or from party supply stores, or they are easy to find used on Craigslist. They usually rent by the month for 8-10 dollars or purchased outright.

Yes. Absolutely you can normally use our Rodent Blaster HS-1 Remote system in an organically certified type farm / orchard. It uses propane and oxygen to exterminate these problem pests. No harmful and dangerous chemicals or pesticides used.

The biggest difference between our Rodent Blaster HS-1 Remote system and the other rodent control products on the market, is that our HS-1 system destroys the rodent _AND_ the tunnel. If you leave the tunnel intact you've only completed 50% of the job, and the neighbors rodents will move in by the end of the week. We offer a high quality all stainless, high carbon steel and aluminum unit that has an exclusive HS-1 Remote detonator on our system that allows the user to be 20-30 feet away from the blast. This allows a much more enjoyable ( and safer ) experience in our opinion, than standing on top of the blast and getting hit all day by dirt and rocks.

The Rodent Blaster Hot Shot Remote has a manual propane and oxygen mixing valve, so you control exactly how many seconds of gas that you want to go into the rodents tunnel. The more seconds of gas that you inject, the bigger the concussion is. 10 seconds of gas is enough to kill most small rodents, and not do damage to your ground. . Larger ones will need more gas. We have a video here that explains it .

Fastest Rodent Killing System With Propane