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Below we have put some frequently asked questions:

The Rodent Blaster Hot Shot Remote® is a top of the line extremely high quality unit that is made out of all metal in its construction that includes 304 stainless steel, 6061 billet aluminum, 1018 tool steel and military spec aircraft fittings. Built tough for a dirty nasty environment for many years of trouble free use. No plastic here! We only sell commercial quality products for a fair price.100% built and assembled in the USA ! The Rodent Blaster Hot Shot Remote® uses our specially designed solid state electronic remote control detonating system to ignite a precise propane and oxygen mixture with 60,000 volts to deliver a 7000 feet per second shock wave that instantly terminates your problem pest inside of their burrow. It is safe for the environment and will not harm pets and wildlife unlike dangerous poisons and traps. We build these units in a high volume manufacturing process that allows us to keep the prices down. It also comes with a factory 3 year warranty (which is double the industry standard) with an optional lifetime warranty.

We only offer 1 model : The Rodent Blaster® Hot Shot Remote system. It is our commercial heavy duty system. It is made of all metal ( 304 stainless steel, 6061 aluminum and 1018 high carbon steel ) We don't offer a cheaper unit made of plastic type material due to the nature of what the Hot Shot does. It needs to be extremely well built and very tough to withstand the years of use. We only offer commercial grade quality products for a fair price.

Although we don't recommend it, the Rodent Blaster® Hot Shot Remote system can take a lot of abuse. It is an extremely heavy duty system and made of all metal.

No not usually , but we recommend that you keep a safe distance from gas lines, septic tanks and water wells due to the sensitive nature of them. But your normal PVC pipes that are in in your yard are pretty hard to hurt. It is possible , but very unlikely.

You can set up a time with our staff to come by our facility and have a hands on demonstration. You can also come out to the many home-garden and farm shows that we attend throughout the year. We also have a full dealer network that have the Rodent Blaster® products on display.You can also see our Media page for many videos on how to use our products. Call us for any details or questions.

The propane tank needed is the same one that you would have on your barbecue.They are usually 5 gallons ( although you can use larger ones) The propane tanks are also available at home supply stores ( Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware) The Oxygen tanks are available locally from welding supply stores or from party supply stores. They usually rent by the month for 8-10 dollars or purchased outright.

The biggest difference between our Rodent Blaster® Hot Shot Remote system and the competition is that we offer a high quality all steel / aluminum unit and an exclusive remote detonator on our system that allows the user to be 20-30 feet away from the blast. This allows a much more enjoyable ( and safer ) experience in our opinion than standing on top of the blast.

Yes we do sell our Rodent Blaster® remote detonator separately . This allows a much more enjoyable ( and safer ) experience in our opinion than standing on top of the blast.