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Customer Testimonials

Here we have put some of our customer e-mail's and letters we have received:

We purchased your competition's propane / oxygen rodent tool that has you stand on top of the hole when you press the blow up button. After using it for several weeks, I got tired of being hit with dirt and rocks and stopped using it. I saw that you guys rented your Hot Shot product and I figured that was the way to find out if I Iiked it or not. After a week of the rental I was hooked and purchased one of your Hot Shot HS-1 units. I wanted you to know that now I actually enjoy going out to get the gophers now!

Brian J. Colorado

..... I ordered your competitors gopher blaster and waited 6 weeks. It never arrived (even after they charged my credit card). Yours was here 3 days after talking to you. Thats pretty fast. Thanks.

Dan B. California

..... we have had the Hot Shot for 6 months now and love it! The results have been fantastic. Too bad I didn't know about these sooner.

Jim D. Nevada

..... these ground squirrels have been horrible for 20 years that I have been fighting them every spring and summer. They ate many of my young trees on my 40 acres. I used to spend $800 a season on poison bait to try to control them. Your Rodent Blaster was a little pricey at $1600, but it was definitely worth it. We now have a few squirrels left but I will get them all one day!

Jaime S. California

We have had your Blaster for several years now and been very happy with it. Last fall when my kid was using it he accidentally got the cord wrapped around the quads rear tire and ripped off the igniter button. We sent you the ignitor unit in and you fixed it for no charge. That was much appreciated.

Keith M. New Mexico

..... These gophers don't stand a chance in our yard. I used to dread going into my garden to see the damage from the night before. Now I enjoy going gopher hunting in the morning. Great product.

Roy C. Maryland

We purchased your Rodent Blaster Hot Shot System and used it for several months with great results. I then had a problem with it. I called your service technician and he told me that the warrantee would cover the units repair. We shipped it back and you guys turned it around in 3 days. In this day and age bad customer service, that was a nice surprise. We couldn't stand to be without it for long.

Kathy and Don K. Georgia

Every spring the snow would melt and the same thing would show. The critters would have had a party in my fields all winter under the snow. They would eat my saplings and rototill my field. Now I have a good control on them before the first snow and that really keeps them to a minimum.

George T. Oregon

I borrowed a friend's propane/oxygen rodent exploder ( a competitor's different brand ) that required that you stand on top of the rodent's hole that you will be blowing up. After using it for 2-3 hours I decided that it wasn't for me. Getting hit with dirt and feeling the ground move under my feet was fairly scarey. I found out about the Rodent Blaster and bought one. It is nice and loud too, but at least now I am 20 feet away from the blast.

Roy R. California